"Vincent Trumanís The Observatory centers on an off-kilter yet compelling idea... 
[it] smoothly navigates some unexpected twists which strike just the right chord...
Centerstage Chicago
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"The Observatory is a show that will appeal to science fiction fans, doomsayers, those strongly on 
either side of the privacy-versus-safety debate, or anyone who enjoys fantastic theatre.  

Chicago Stage Review
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Chicago Sun Times Interview with Vincent Truman (click here)


Vincent Truman's "The Observatory" is back for eight encore performances, with a new cast and much better weather.  Starring Kasey O'Brien, Angela Jo Strohm and Tasheena Miyagi, "The Observatory" follows David, an average schoolteacher (Truman), who is given the opportunity to make a lot of money by merely watching a hologram of a "person of interest" in his home.  His marriage and life disintegrate around him and his mind soon follows as begins to think the woman he is watching may be innocent.

Vincent Truman, Kasey O'Brien, Angela Jo Strohm, Tasheena Miyagi, K.D. O'Hair, 
Jack Guasta, Matt Tassell, Korri Givens*, Paula Ramirez*


The Charnel House.  3421 West Fullerton. Eight performances only.
April 15, 16, 17*, 22, 23, 24*, 29 & 30, 2011
*Understudy Feature Performances

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"The Observatory" by Vincent Truman

"The Observatory" by Vincent Truman