"Killing Angela": an original play by Vincent Truman

Phil Aman, Paul Brutscher, Kimmy Higginbotham, Kalina Kitten McCreery, Carly McGehee, Ali McLaughlin, Elizabeth Renwick, Colleen Sketch, Vincent Truman

"Killing Angela" starring Kimmy Higginbotham

As the curtain goes up on 2013's "Killing Angela", we are thrust into a Mexican Standoff between Angela Pierce (Kimmy Higginbotham) and Detective John Fowler (Vincent Truman).  Guns drawn, they are fully prepared to injure or kill their adversary.

As the play unfolds, we learn of the history of these two characters and how they came to such a horrific encounter.  Angela, a survivor of a brutal kidnapping, has killed her abductor and escaped to a new town, with a new husband (Phil Aman) and a new name.  Meanwhile, John Fowler, having never given up on the case, has pursued her for over two years against the advice of his own partner (Colleen Sketch).

Now John Fowler and Angela Pierce face each other in a deadly game of cat-and-other-cat.  Added into the mix is Angela's husband's best friend, the good ol' boy Charlie (Baird Brutscher) and the sole female police officer in the county (Carly McGehee).

The idea of good guys and bad guys is obliterated in Vincent Truman's startling new drama, in which right and wrong creates collateral damage and collateral damage dictates right and wrong.


Script available exclusively through Lulu Publishing


written and directed by Vincent Truman ("ensemble", "remote", "the tearful assassin", "the observatory", "venus envy")

JULY 19-20-21, JULY 26-27-28, AUGUST 2-3-4 / 2013

"Killing Angela" by Vincent Truman (Collage 1)


"Killing Angela" by Vincent Truman (Collage 2)