SUSPICIOUS CLOWNS The Viable Theatre Company presents a sketch comedy show under the direction of Vincent Truman. WNEP Theater , 3209 N. Halsted, 773-296-1100. Through May 10: Saturdays, 10:25 PM. $10 in advance; $12 at the door.

SUSPICIOUS CLOWNS, Viable Theatre Company, at WNEP Theater. Aside from the opening sketch--which features a mentally challenged porn star vomiting on himself and humping his scene partner--Suspicious Clowns, the fourth in a late-night series, is a marvel. At its finest, the show comes across as a fever dream, blurring the lines between scenes: a candlelit sexual encounter in a hot spring vaults into a tense exchange between a Gypsy woman and a passerby, then dissolves into the world's worst hitchhiking experience. If the troupe ever drops its occasional overreliance on formulaic novelty (taking a cue, perhaps, from the nudist hayseeds who enter toward the end), it's clearly capable of putting something luminous together. But yet another commentary on the twentysomething singles scene may prove too hard to resist. --Nick Green

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