Chicago is an actor's city (on more than a few levels). Keeping an ensemble together is nearly impossible as offers, opportunities and more than a few neuroses are always scratching at the door. The following is a brief rundown of all the incredibly talented people who are in, have been in or will be in Suspicious Clowns.

Vincent Truman. Actor / writer / director / producer. Actor, SC 1-10, Clownfest, Second City 2003 retrospective, and Sketchfests 2003-4 and 2007-8. Director, SC 1-6, SC8-10. Sketchfest 2003 and 2007-8.  Writer/director/actor for "Remote." Tech director for Saturday Asylum.  Signature piece: "Cliché Whores." Signature role: Dr. Emmet Wilhelmi in "Beasts." Robert Felker. Actor / writer / producer / director. Writer, SC 2-10.  Actor, SC 2-4, SC 6-10, Clownfest, and Sketchfests 2003-4 and 2007-8. Director, SC7.  Signature piece: "I Ruined Your Prom." Signature role: Robert the Diabetic in "Intervention." Jefrey Wilkerson.  Actor / writer / producer.  Actor, "Remote", Sketchfest 2007-8.  Writer, Sketchfest 2007-8 and SC9-10. Producer, SC10.  Signature piece and role: Xonny in "Xonny's Eulogy."
Jacen Kraynek.  Actor / writer in SC9-10 and Sketchfest 2008.   Signature piece: "Oatmeal." Signature role: Klaus, Captain of the SS, er, Activities Coordinator for "Zany's Auschwitz." Eric Carter.  Actor / writer in SC9 and Sketchfest 2008.  Signature piece and role: the armless cashier in "Armless." Melissa Malan. Actor / writer in SC 10 and Sketchfest 2008.  Signature role: Sue, the cancer-ridden cashier, in "Sue's Birthday Party."
Lauren Ryland. Actor / writer in SC 1, 3-5, Second City 2003 retrospective, Clownfest and Sketchfest 2003. Writer, SC8.  Signature piece: "Voodoo at 35,000 Feet." Signature role: Literal Person. Scott Munn. Actor / writer / co-producer. Featured in SC 1-4, Clownfest and Sketchfest 2003. Writer, SC8.  Signature piece and role: Dean in "Milk Man." Jeb Cadwell. Actor / writer / director / co-producer. Featured in Shows 2-6, Clownfest 2003, Saturday Asylum, Second City 2003 retrospective & Sketchfests 2003 & 2004. Director, Sketchfest 2004. Writer, SC8-9.  Standup act, SC9.  Signature piece: "Sprouted Mung Soup." Signature role: Baba Has in "The Break Fast Duel."
Melina Peaz.  Actor / writer.  Actor in SC9.  Writer in SC9-10.  Signature Piece and Role: the self-depreciating monologist in "I Will Die Alone." Kyle Ramos Kyle Romos. Actor. Featured in SC 7-8, Sketchfest 2007.  Signature role: nearly creating the DVD for SC8.  Kyle Waddle. Actor. Creative consultant for SC 6 and featured in SC 6-7. Signature role: Sgt. Caldwell in "Captain on the Beach."
Sarah Snow. Actor / writer. Featured in SC5, Saturday Asylum (standup), Second City retrospective and Sketchfest 2004. Writer, SC8.  Signature piece: "Menstruation Rocks!" Signature role: Nikki in "Mikki & Nikki." Terri O'Reilly. Actor / writer. Featured in SC 2-4, Clownfest and Sketchfest 2003.  Writer, SC8. Signature piece and role: "The Trial of Bobo the Monkey." Scott Palmer Scott Palmer.  Actor in SC8, Sketchfest 2007, writer for SC9.  Signature Role: Senator Paisley in "Senator Paisley."
Danielle Dutton. Actor. SC7. Signature role: Random Doctor Who companion in "Case of the Missing Case."

Les Kruse.  Actor in SC8.  Signature Role: Joe in "Lamp Affair."

Sean Gallagher.  Actor in SC8.  Signature Role: Doc Fitzel in "Lecher la Vache."
Heather Mingo. Actor / writer in SC 10.  Signature piece and role: Candy, the disinterested stripper for the blind, in "Blind Melons." Arthur Simone. Actor / writer. Writer in SC1 and SC8 and featured in SC5 and Second City retrospective. Signature piece: "Beasts." Signature role: narrator in "Cliche Whores." Aacia Hussain.  Actor / writer in SC9.  Signature role: Maggie in "Outsourcing."
Kara Luiz. Actor. Featured in SC6. Signature role: Cinnamon in "BJ Neuroses." Cynthia Whitworth. Actor. Featured in SC5, Saturday Asylum, Second City retrospective and Sketchfest 2004. Signature role: Madeline Penn in "Welcome to the Tundra." Brittani Ebert. Actor. Featured in SC6. Signature role: Tanya in "Mime Games."
Kelly Stanley. Actor. Featured in SC5 and Sketchfest 2004. Signature role: Mother Theresa in "Theresa Gets Hers."   Alex Marshall.  Auditioned for SC10.  Quit.  Signature piece: writing the group and saying he's quitting.  Signature role: quitting. Amanda Lynn. Actor in SC7. Signature role: Chicklette, the female co-leader of "The Sensivity Squad."
Tony Sam. Actor. Featured in Sketchfest 2004. Signature role: the Midget in "Big Midget." Brent Bidwell Brent Bidwell.  Actor in Sketchfest 2007.  Signature role: Glen Fulson, Sr. in "Friendly Fire." Andrea Hill.  Creative consultant and stage manager in SC8.  Creative consultant for "Remote."
Sharon Katzorin.  Actor, SC8.  Signature Role: inviting one cast member over at 3am to watch a movie, blowing another and sleeping with another. Amanda Laneir. Actor. Featured in Shows 1-3 and Clownfest 2003. Signature role: the Argyle Avenger. Caryn xCulp.  Actor in SC 8.  Signature Role: TBD.
Paul LeVan. Actor. Featured in SC6. Signature role: Pilate in "The Passion of the Pilate." Tòm Vencill. Actor / writer. Featured in SC 1-3, Clownfest and Sketchfest 2003. Signature piece: "That's My Clone!" Signature role: Jesus Christ's brother in "13 Candles." Ashley Taylor Clayton. Actor/writer. Featured in Show 1. Signature piece: the Bed Monologue. Signature roll: croissant.


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