About Vincent Truman

Vincent Truman in Happier TimesVincent Truman is a playwright, author, director, producer and mediocre actor. 

As a playwright, Truman has written three produced shows: “Ensemble” (2000), “Remote” (2006) and “The Tearful Assassin” (2008).

As a director and head writer, Truman co-founded and helmed the Suspicious Clowns comedy troupe, which produced ten original shows between 2002 and 2007.  The group also did appearances at Second City, the Lincoln Lodge, Chicago Sketchfest and DePaul University, where they were banned outright.

As author, Truman has produced two books, a short story collection entitled “Ugly Bungalow” (2006) and a cartoon book called “This Is My First Time So Please Be Brutal (2007).”

Vincent Truman writes expressive blogs that are as humor-filled as they are analytical.  Not prone to absolutes in his assessment of the human condition, philosophy, religion or life in general (you’ll find no “___________ is the best!!!” stuff here), Truman’s writing is above all honest.

Vincent Truman was born as the third of two children and currently lives in Chicago with his pet peeves.  Contact Vincent Truman at vincenttruman@gmail.com.

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