About Commenting

I know it’s always a bit odd commenting on a new blog.  However, I love dialogue much more than monologue, so I hope you’ll take a moment to write.   Please feel free to:

1. Register.  You basically pick a name, put in your email addy and the system will send you a password that you can change to whatever you like.  I do not see anyone’s password.

2. Comment anyway.  The first comment you make is set up to require me to OK it.  It’s a system default to prevent spam.  Subsequent comments, if you use the same handle, will go through.

3.  I am occasionally delayed in getting to the ‘approve the first comment’ stage, so I’m truly sorry if you cannot get the immediate satisfaction of seeing your (first) comment immediately.  I know I hate it when I comment somewhere and then have to wait for moderation.  Grrr, I even say.  I’m serious.  Anyway, I will get to your (first) comment as soon as I can!

Vincent Truman
March 2009

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