Love Trumps Hate & Action Trumps Trump: A Collection of Resources

Womens' March, Chicago, January 2017

Womens’ March, Chicago, January 2017

The big question following the January 2017 Womens’ March (estimated participation being between 3.7 and 4.8 million, spanning all seven continents – a first in world history) is, “what now?”

Culled from friends of mine discussing this question online, here is a collection of answers. Feel free to comment with other sources as well as share with your friends.

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1. Don Washington’s MAYORAL TUTORIAL article, “The Necessary Means to Be Black & Fight Fascism.” Don is a friend of mine who has been active in social justice before it was cool. The article may sound intended for African Americans only, but there is great information here for everyone. This article, which more than anything else, encourages active participation as a citizen, has been helpful to over 30,000 readers to date. I’d also recommend the rest of MAYORAL TUTORIAL as well; consider this article the gateway drug to a wider consciousness.

2. INDIVISIBLE: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda

Written by former Congressional staffers, this website offers an analysis of how the Left was defeated and simple ways to engage your representative in Congress. There are also links to help identify local Meetup groups (but check out Meetup as well).


No group is more focused on “what next?” than the ones that helped kick the Women’s March up from a couple of friends in Hawaii to a truly global event. I’m including the link to the Chicago-based page (which helped most recently in the immigration ban protest at our O’Hare Airpost), but others are out there. Collect ’em all.

4. The 65.

This site provides a Weekly Call to Action as well as an overview of all issues and concerns facing fellow Americans, including a very helpful FAQ for those who have never called their representatives.

5. Daily Action.

This site, similar to The 65, offers a more granule approach to taking action. On this site, you can enter your phone number and get a daily “what you can do  today” message. “You will subsequently receive one text message every workday about an issue that we have determined to be urgent based on where you live. You tap on the phone number in your message, listen to a short recording about that day’s issue, and from there you’ll be automatically routed to your Senator, member of Congress, or other relevant elected official. In 90 seconds, you can conscientiously object and be done with it.”

6. One Call Today.

Similar to Daily Action, this site provides daily issues to your phone, but will instantly connect you to your representative (if you opt to do so – it’s not automatic).


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