“Mine”: A Few More Thousand Words

Kimmy Higginbotham in "Mine"

Kimmy Higginbotham in “Mine”

As we lurch towards our last of nine performances at the Chicago Fringe Festival 2016 (4pm on Sunday, September 11), I thought I would share a second collection of stills, all courtesy of my favorite cinematographer, Richard Smith. If you’re in the Chicagoland area and haven’t seen this play yet, please do. The most common comment we’ve received about “Mine”, which is all centered on surviving sexual assault, has been “important.” That means the world to me.

The show will be performed at the CCJP Meeting Hall, 5320 W Giddings, Chicago, IL 60630 (steps from Lawrence/Milwaukee and the Jefferson Park Metra and CTA Blue Line Stop) at 4pm on Sunday, September 11, 2016. Tickets are $10 with a one-time $5 festival button.

Join me, Kimmy Higginbotham, Kathleen Urbanski, Athanasia Jennifer Sawicz, Mark A. Child and Elliot Lerner for our final performance in this run.  I do hope to see you.



Vincent Truman and Elliot Lerner


Mark A. Child and Athanasia Jennifer Sawicz


Kimmy Higginbotham


Vincent Truman and Kimmy Higginbotham


Vincent Truman and Kimmy Higginbotham


Mark A. Child, Athanasia Jennifer Sawicz and Vincent Truman


Kathleen Urbanski and Kimmy Higginbotham


Kathleen Urbanski and Vincent Truman


Kimmy Higginbotham


Kimmy Higginbotham and Elliot Lerner


Kimmy Higginbotham and Elliot Lerner

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