“The Bowl” (March 2016)

Joe Janes in "The Bowl."

Joe Janes in “The Bowl.”

The official submission to Prop Thtr’s 48 Hour Film Competition based on Craigslist Missed Connections. With Joe Janes, Annie Griggs, Vince LaFonti, Kat O’Connor, Sarah Bunger and Vincent Truman. Camera/sound by Alexander Giersch. Music by the False Positives. Written/directed by Vincent Truman.

The Missed Connection was received at 9:30pm on Friday, March 18.  The script was written between 9:30pm and 11pm, then emailed out to the talent.  The cast and crew gathered at my house at 8am on Saturday, March 19, did a quick readthrough, set up some lights and burned through the filming in slightly less than two hours.


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