Music Video: “Girl Shake That Laffy Taffy Time”

The Vincent Truman Trio

The Vincent Truman Trio

Full disclosure: I did not know there was actually a song called “Girl Shake That Laffy Taffy”, and now that I’ve heard it, I’m still not sure it’s a song.

This song is a three-hour song; that is, I elicit random phrases, lines, words and thoughts from my friends on Facebook and use those words to be the muse in putting together a song in, you guessed it, three hours.  Going for a rockabilly vibe, I play two acoustics, one electric guitar, a Hofner bass and synth drums played without a click track.

Some of these three-hour songs get nary a listen; some, like this one, chalked up nearly 200 in a week (small potatoes, but pretty nice, considering it’s a three-hour goddamn song).  My friend Andrea particularly liked it, so I dusted off the green screen and created this 1950s-style video.


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