Music Video: “Vas Sueve” by Zem Complex, Euro Crooner

Zem Complex, 1996

Zem Complex, 1996

“Vas Sueve”, which translates loosely as “Very Sueve”, was a 1996 #1 smash in Moldova for Zem Complex, Euro Crooner and part-time proctologist.  With its monotonous, I mean, insistent bass guitar and pedantic, I mean, pulsing synthesizers, “Vas Sueve” captured the feeling in Eastern Europe, just like the Rutles’ “A Hard Day’s Rut” captured the zeitgeist of Minshull Street in Manchester, UK circa 1964.  Compared favorably to other hits such as “The Macarena” and “Call Me Maybe”, “Vas Sueve” is a tribute to songs you may never want to hear again.

Not much is known about Zem Complex outside of his massive hit, which actually has nothing to do with this song but rather refers to an unfortunate fender bender outside of Blechinstrad, Moldova’s most ill town.  This video pulls in various footage from the wacky virtual reality game called Second Life and was compiled by his widow, Industrial.  Says Industrial, “The song is about nothing, really, so it seemed fitting to couple it with a game about fuck-all as well.”

Zem was once interviewed by Rolling Stone, but the interview was removed because it turned out the reporters called the wrong place.




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